Internationa l Auction Organization
About IAO
Since IAO's establishment in 1998, it has dealt in Impressionist and Ecole de Paris paintings and has worked for the distribution of paintings in and out of Japan. We pride in our efforts to increase the accessibility of artworks.
It has the greatest importance that each and every artwork for investment purposes is unique in that they communicate the human cultural heritage. They bring not only wealth, but also joy and that is why the art market has the solid support of art lovers.
As the recent success of the New York and London auctions show, the world’s richest people are seeking to invest in artworks. The reason why they, who have the fullest understanding of investing choose to take note in artwork is because it has the human touch and quality that reflects the spirit of the age the artist lived in that can not be seen in any other product.
As the market becomes activated, there is an increasing presence of contemporary artists. The market is showing globalization as we see more Asian artists including Japanese artists and African artists in addition to European and American artists. We will in time see the next Picassos and Van Gogh and Gauguin among these new generations.
IAO has made new resolutions in nurturing and promoting these artists. We have keen expectations of further development in the art market. We would like to contribute in our way to the benefit of artists and clients and would appreciate your kind support in our endeavors.